Bicast is committed to sustainability, conservation, and eco-consciousness.

Sustainably Sourced

We get our Baltic Birch Plywood sheets from a local company that sources it from Europe. The plywood comes from the largest sustainable forest in the world, where trees grow faster than they are harvested.

Our wood is sustainably sourced and 100% in compliance with the Lacey Act USA and the European Union Timber Regulation.

Our process and designs enable us to make highly efficient use of our raw materials, leaving as little scrap wood as possible. Any scrap is then reused or recycled.

The paint used on our products is Sherwin Williams Zero VOC paint.

Eco- Friendly Facility

Our new state of the art facility is energy efficient using motion occupancy lighting and cisterns to collect rainwater to irrigate the grounds.

We also have a water filtration system installed and provide employees reusable drinking glasses to discourage plastic water bottles and straws.

Our laser process is clean and avoids polluting the environment the way plastic souvenir factories can.

Bicast is proud to team with our retailers to offer our eco-friendly wood souvenirs.